Have Windows 8 but no Windows button:ClassicShell

Hello Teckgeeks,

We're back,so this time i'm gona tell you guys how to get the windows button back into windows 8.
Okay you bought windows 8 or downloaded it( if u don't know how to download it don't worry ,cause we know how to and you will too).So anyway you have windows 8 but no windows button,pretty disappointing huh...

 And you want it back so how,well Classic shell is the answer.With this software you guys can get it back .

So how do u do it, Classic shell is the answer .It is a software which will let u get the start button back as well as the theme, and other cool stuff.(P.S you can use it in Windows 7 too!!!)

Here's the download link:

ClassicShell :Download
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