Windows has a trademark desktop setup, wherein the shortcuts are all neatly arranged in a grid-like manner.

Well, after a while, we tend to get bored of this layout... I presume that's why Windows tried to apply the new Metro layout. (Whether it was successful or not, is a different debate entirely.)

Now, here's an easy way to upgrade your user interface!

Download a program called "Rainmeter". 

After you install it, your desktop will now have a fancy menu in the middle, seemingly integrated with your wallpaper. 

This is where you'll start off. You have some great tutorial links, in the central box. You can learn some quick tips from there, as to how to customize your desktop!

And, just to show you what it can turn out to look like...

Or, even...

As for my personal desktop...

Beauty in the eye of the beholder!

What I like the most about my personal theme, is that nothing is cluttered. If I move my mouse cursor over these tiles, I get more relevant options. By clicking on the smaller, gray boxes under the system monitoring panel, I get more options, such as Music, Weather, To-Do notes, and more.

If and when you create your own themes... Do upload them to this site! We'd love to have a peek at your creativity!

Happy coding!